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Village Circle is a FREE community gathering and knowledge sharing around all stages of birth, perinatal mental & emotional health, and holistic healthcare. 

Village Circle gatherings offer a safe and affirming learning environment for community members, expecting and postpartum families, birth workers, students, and anyone interested in learning opportunities and knowledge sharing. We center culture and traditions in our teachings, supporting and elevating perinatal health for our community. We integrate perinatal mental health support, community resources, and perinatal education in each of our workshops. We host local and national professionals and offer a platform to educate our families and community members. 

Zoom Room: 390 855 9483   PW: Community


6/2/23       Shaping your perinatal mindset  (Jennifer Thompson)

5/5/23       The power of hypnosis in childbirth  (Nancy Allin)
4/7/23       Postpartum care + infant care support  (Sarah Willett)

3/26/23     Postpartum healing and self-care. (Jamaya Mickles)

2/3/23       Partner Guidance  (Hector Garcia)

1/24/23     Creating your sacred birth space  (Lauryn Bell) 

12/2/22     Benefits of Iron Infusions   (Rachel Winstedt)

11/4/22     Navigating Tongue Tie   (Renee Beebe)

10/7/22     Natural Birthing   (Jamaya Mickles)

9/2/22       Ditch the App and Learn to Track your Cycles (Hope Abigail Hamilton Schumacher)

8/5/22       LGBTQIA+ family building and gender inclusivity in birth work (Juniper Wilson)

7/1/22       No Village Circle Gathering

6/3/22       Food Prep/Nutrition (Monica Holmes)

5/27/22     Postpartum & Infant Massage (Magen Harris)

5/13/22     Placenta Medicine (Diksha Berebitsky)

4/29/22     Affirm Your Birth  (Julianna Winer)

4/15/22     Lactation Support w/Rue from The Perfect Push (Rue Khosa)

4/1/22       Plant Medicine for your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum (Makeda Akoma)

3/18/22     Yoni Vaginal Steaming (Ebony Washington)

3/4/22       Bellywork and Binding  (Lauryn Bell)

2/18/22     PMAD  (Kaya Cassidy)

2/4/22       Lactation Support - Increase Your Supply (Carrie DiStefano)

1/21/22     Elimination Communication  (Marissa Bolanos)

1/7/22       Mindfulness and prenatal yoga  (Kellie Mae Wills)

12/3/21     Newborn Sleep Training (Evie Ward)

11/19/21    Lactation for All (Cedar Durfee)

11/5/21      Pregnancy and Postpartum Supporting Herbs  (Blaine Bennett)

10/8/21     Supporting Immune Health During a Pandemic  (Terri Chi-lee & Lena Soo Hee Wood)

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