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Meet The Midwives

CBC has an open model and permits privileged community midwives options to deliver at our facility

To start prenatal care with a CBC midwife and have your baby here, contact that midwife directly.

Terri Chi-Lee

Terri Chi-Lee

Terri Chi-Lee is a bilingual Khmer birthworker deeply passionate about honoring the birthing experience with compassionate, and culturally sensitive care.  As a childbearing person of color, she understands the importance of culturally-matched care to improve health outcomes for parents and babies by reducing maternal and infant health disparities in the U.S.


Since graduating in 2019 with a Master's of Science in Midwifery and a Botanical Medicine certification, Terri has continued to be a strong advocate for birthing families and diverse care options. She spent the summer after graduation in Cambodia, mentored by a Khmer midwife. This experience broadened her midwifery lens with a rich and humble perspective by deepening her connection to her roots, culture, and ancestors. She continues her education in herbalism and traditional birthing traditions as a member of the Canoe Journey Herbalist Project and Indigenous Birthworker’s Network. 

Terri is in-network with all major insurance plans, including WA Apple Health.

Learn more about her practice at

kara neff.png

Kara Neff


Owner & Founder of Bright Beginnings Midwifery

After the birth of my daughter in 1981, I apprenticed with a lay midwife in Washington State and began my journey as a midwife. In 1984, I was accepted to the Seattle Midwifery School and completed the program designed to meet Washington State licensing requirements. I had a home birth practice in Southwest Washington for a number of years and also worked in the local hospital in the capacity of a labor and delivery nurse during that time. Birth is my passion! I love being apart of it wherever and however I can be and have been practicing off on on for the better part of the last 40 years. I believe in the sacredness of birth. Each birth is a unique event. It is my job to bring my experience, my passion and my training to work with each family to achieve the best and safest possible outcome for their care.

I am devoted to serving families of all backgrounds and to make midwifery care available to all people. I believe that each person is capable of making the decisions that are best for them and their families. In choosing homebirth you have both a higher level of responsibility and a greater degree of control in your care. Throughout your care I am to fully committed to informing you of your options, discussing the pros and cons of each option and making an individualized care plan with you. I view the childbearing period as a healthy time that provides an opportunity to grow personally and as a family.

I offer you preventative and individualized care, autonomy, control, privacy and my focused attention. Repeated studies have shown that for clients with LOW RISK pregnancies, homebirth is safer than most hospital deliveries.

Kara is in network with all major insurance and WA Apple Health plans.

Learn more about Kara and contact her directly at

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Rachael Cook


Owner & Founder of New Day Midwifery

As proud mama to three beautiful children (two boys and a girl), Rachael’s journey to midwifery began after her second hospital birth. She knew that there was a way for women to feel empowered, strong, and to be given a voice about their own healthcare choices. She discovered exactly what she was looking for in midwifery. Her third baby was born in the water at home. 


She began working with pregnant people in 2011 and immediately loved it.  After graduating from the Midwives College of Utah with a Bachelor of Science in Midwifery (BSM) in 2015, she became a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) and Licensed Midwife (LM) in Washington State.

Rachael loves the midwifery model of care for how it provides individual care to expecting families in a gentle, honest, and loving way.  She has found that when folks trust their provider, feel safe in their environment, and have their choices respected, they report better birth experiences and outcomes.  


In her spare time, Rachael enjoys traveling, making memories with family, swimming, attending concerts and live performances. She was born and raised in Olympia, Washington and after time away in her twenties, is so happy to be back home raising her family and catching babies. 

Rachael is in-network with Apple Health (Community Health Plan of WA,  Molina), Regence (including UMP Plus), Cigna, First Choice, Premera, Kaiser Permanente Options Plans, some Aetna plans and more. If you are unsure of coverage, please ask! Learn more about Rachael and contact her directly at 

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