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Having your baby here is an intimate, cozy experience. CBC is a single-suite birth center, which means you and your birth team have access to the whole space and are the only ones in the building during labor.

Community Birth Center was designed to have a bright, calm, and joyous energy.

Set the mood with the altar space available for you to customize with tokens that make your labor sacred. Families have brought in photos, flowers, candles, prayer beads, totems…the space is yours to get creative with if that calls to you. 

New Moon

Amenities in CBC’s sparkling clean, freshly remodeled space include: 

Community Birth Center Bed and Aqua Doula Birth Tub.jpg
  • Bathroom with shower + pull bar 

  • En-suite Kitchenette with fridge, freezer, and toaster oven

  • Complimentary coffee and tea

  • Massage recliner chairs 

  • King-sized bed with luxury memory foam mattress

  • Birth tub, birth stool, birth ball, peanut ball, rebozos

  • Nitrous Oxide

  • Tens unit 

  • Towel warmer

  • Dimmable lights

  • Heater and temperature control

  • Complete privacy in the space with 24/7 access

  • Speaker & iPad with Spotify and Alexa to set your own music

  • ADA accessible

Whatever your reasons for choosing us, you are welcome here.

CBC is an inclusive community birth space.

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