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The South Sound community is rich with incredible birth workers to support you through pregnancy into new parenthood. Below is a non-exhaustive list of some of our favorite doulas, childbirth educators, and breastfeeding experts.


Lauryn Bell - Doula Lo -
Briana Nicole
Diksha Berebitsky -
Helena Fiorini -
Kim Bergrud -
Rhea Melina Harrison -
Antonia Hernandez -
Marylynne Kostick -
Maya Ewings -
Anne Teeter - (208)921-8475
Annie Bonilla Gaines -
Nikita Thomas - (337)214-3781
Van -
Jazmin Williams -
Jasmyne Bryant -
Makeda Akoma (black doula), healer and master herbalist -
Cynthia Garcia *Spanish Speaking Team**
Rebecca Ellisor - Born in Ecstacy


Postpartum Doulas

Christine Romero -  Family Thrive
Melissa Macaulay-Robinson - Baby Glow Doula -
Sally Annette Cote -

Breastfeeding Support

Carrie DiStefano, IBCLC at Olympia Lactation

Sarah Cassidy, IBCLC at Initiating Lactation

Stefanie Andeson, IBCLC at Foveo Birth

Emily Ager & Whitney Scott, IBCLC at Fern Lactation

Counseling & Mental Health Support

Femme & Them for LGBTQIA+ and ally individuals, couples, and families

Candyce Bollinger, parent educator and counselor

Childbirth Education

Hypnobirthing: Rebecca Ellisor, Born in Ecstacy Birthing

Erika Davis at Whole Body Pregnancy for BIPOC and queer-affirming childbirth ed

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